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Our heartfelt appreciation and thanks to Dr. Bronner´s for their generous donation to Krembo Wings! Click here for our thank you to Dr. Bronners..

About  Us 
Krembo Wings is the only inclusive youth movement in Israel for children and youth with disabilities.  Through our weekly social activities in 64 branches across Israel, we provide the unique opportunity for young people with all types of disabilities to come together with their able-bodied peers in a supportive, empowering, and accepting environment. Established in 2002, we welcome more than 5,500 young people with and without disabilities of all cultural, religious, and socio-economic backgrounds. 
Krembo Wings’ activities provide a reprieve from the social isolation which youth with disabilities too often experience, and our commitment to accessibility ensures that any child with any disability is able to participate. Our program also develops the leadership skills of youth without disabilities, who volunteer as youth counselors.  Krembo Wings teaches our youth counselors the skills necessary to provide enriching and empowering activities for children with disabilities while shaping them into young people who value social responsibility, diversity, and tolerance, and who live and love to help others.

We invite you to see exactly who we are and what we do, by watching the following short video:
בניית אתרים