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Our heartfelt appreciation and thanks to Dr. Bronner´s for their generous donation to Krembo Wings! Click here for our thank you to Dr. Bronners..

Krembo Wings´ Inclusive Summer Camp 2016 
A Retreat for Children with Disabilities and their Families
"We’ve never taken a family vacation together before. It was the most unifying and enjoyable experience we’ve had since our special son was born, 15 years ago!"  
 Doron, father of a member and a participant at our summer camp
Each year, at Krembo Wings, we offer our members with disabilities, their parents and our youth counselors the chance to take part in an enjoyable three-day summer camp vacation designed for both children and adults alike. 
The concept of our summer camp is to provide a fun summer camp for children with disabilities and a much-needed vacation for their families, who because of their child´s physical limitations find it very difficult to take a holiday, and may have never been on a family vacation before. 
The summer camp is held at the educational center in Hispin, located in the beautiful Golan Heights. The center offers accessible amenities and leisure activities suitable for children and youth with disabilities.
The Summer Camp´s activities are varied and suited to youth and parents alike. The camp´s enrichment activities are run by professional staff and include water activities; outdoor adventure activities such as zip-lining and wall climbing, entertainment (such as a magic show and a circus performance); an arts and crafts room; and a variety of workshops. There are also activities designed especially for the parents. 
"For the first time in a long time I feel like a normal member of Israeli society. At the Krembo Wings Summer Camp I finally felt like I belong. It was possible for my son to participate in all the activities and I could join in with him or just take time for myself, my wife and my other children. I haven’t had this opportunity for a long time."
– Shlomi, a father of a member with special needs at the 2015 summer camp
We invite you to watch a short video about our summer camp: 
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