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Young Community Leaders
Counselor and Branch Leaders Training Program
"At school you learn many things that may or may not help you in your life. At Krembo Wings´ seminars and training days I gain tools that help me deal with my life right now, as a teenager. Every day I learn so much from Krembo Wings´ training, branch activities and from my amazing special partner. What I learn here is the ‘real thing’ that will stay with me for the rest of my life."
– Tom, Counselor at the Kiryat Shmona branch.
Our team of able-bodied volunteer youth counselors and branch leaders are a crucial component of our organizational structure. Not only do they accompany our members with disabilities each week during activities, but they design and facilitate the weekly branch activities and are responsible for the operations of each branch. Aged 12 to 18, our counselors are the key to providing fun and companionship to our members with disabilities.
These young people, Israel’s next generation, become advocates for individuals with disabilities and are an ever-growing group of socially involved and educated individuals better informed to work for the rights of individuals with disabilities in their communities across Israel.
Our professional, in-depth, and high-quality training program transforms regular teenagers and young adults into highly developed, sensitive individuals, who are able to cope in challenging situations and lead change in their communities. 
What Does Our Training Program Include?
Our training program teaches our counselors and branch leaders how to perform their respective roles effectively and knowledgeably. It includes seminars throughout the year on subjects such as communication with children with disabilities, tools to handle crises at the branch, group management, and teamwork tools. 
Fieldtrips to professional organizations such as the Israeli Society for Autistic Children also acquaint our counselors to the diverse range of disabilities they will come across at their work in the branches.
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