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Krembo Wings´ Annual Inclusive Youth Delegation to Poland
A Journey to Commemorate the Holocaust
We dreamed of this journey, standing behind the banner with Krembo Wings’ motto on it – Together, Creating a Meaningful Place for Everyone – in a place where all meaning was taken away from human beings, and to carry the promise not to allow history to repeat itself. 
– Ori and Zohar, seventeen-year old Krembo Wings delegation members
Each spring a Krembo Wings delegation made up of our members with disabilities, their parents and our youth counselors, sets out to Poland for ten days to visit the most infamous sites in the history of European Jewry. Our first delegation took place in March 2013.
The main goal of our delegation is to ensure that youth with disabilities are afforded the same rights as other youths in Israel and the Diaspora to visit historical  sites, to stand at the place where so many of their ancestors were exterminated and to come to terms with the overwhelming events that occurred there. 
Project Activities
Before departing for Poland, our participants take part in a pre-trip preparation program which prepares them for their journey. This program includes an educational visit to Yad Vashem (the Israeli Holocaust Museum), a visit to the Ghetto Fighter’s house at Kibbutz Lohamei Hagetaot, meeting and listening to the testimony of Holocaust survivors and more. This preparation program is unique, and was developed by Krembo Wings, to suit youth both with and without disabilities. 

Krembo Wings’ Values
Krembo Wings instills in its members, with and without disabilities, the values of equality, tolerance, acceptance of others who are different, and mutual responsibility. It is natural for our members to embark on a commemorative journey to a region in which these values were crushed by the Nazi regime. “The Nazis would have killed me twice…”, said Nitai a 17 year old youth with CP who participated in the second delegation, “…since I am a Jew and since I also have disabilities”. Krembo Wings’ delegation members are a symbol of the value of “love for mankind” on the one hand, and victory of the spirit over the Nazis on the other.  

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