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Our heartfelt appreciation and thanks to Dr. Bronner´s for their generous donation to Krembo Wings! Click here for our thank you to Dr. Bronners..

“At Krembo Wings, children and teens discover strengths and skills that they didn’t know they had. They benefit from being in the mainstream like everyone else. Sometimes I think one hour of Krembo Wings does them more good than a week of traditional therapy.”
– Michal Nagari, Director of the Ra’anana Education Department 
"Krembo Wings is a youth movement that transforms us into a better society, and teaches us that creating a real place among us for those who so many times do not have a place in society, enriches us."
– Racheli Balali, rehabilitative professional for children with Cerebral Palsy
"Krembo Wings is a pioneer and exemplary youth movement, integrating the worlds of children and youth with and without disabilities, through empowering social activities for themselves and for their community."
– Uri Salonim, Lawyer, President of Variety Israel
"An inclusive society is one that is healthier, more moral, and more loving. Krembo Wings represents such a society."
– Nehama Rivlin, the First Lady of Israel
"As a person with a disability, I had to deal more than once with stigmas and prejudice that did not derive from wickedness or bad intentions, but from ignorance and fear from what is different. When I look at all those amazing kids that I met at Krembo Wings, all I want for them is to have equal opportunities. I want the door to be open for them, so that each and every one of them will be able to realize his or her potential and unique skills – without any barriers. 
For over a decade at Krembo Wings, children and youth with and without disabilities, prove that when there is a will, the sky is the limit... There is no doubt in my heart that establishing new Krembo Wings branches across the country will have a great contribution to the inclusion of children and adults with disabilities in Israeli society."
– Karin Elharar, Member of the Knesset, Chairperson of the Lobby for the Rights of People with Disabilities 
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