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 “Ahinoam was always sensitive to noise and when, as a religious family, we would gather around the Friday night table and sing songs welcoming the Sabbath, Ahinoam would put her hands over her ears, so eventually we stopped the Friday night singing – that is until she joined Krembo Wings. There, the noise did not bother her, she joined in the singing and cheering, so now we start our Friday night by the entire family singing the Krembo Wings songs.  To see Ahinoam not only join in but enjoy the singing is simply amazing. There´s magic here, at Krembo, that I just can´t put into words.
Ahinoam finally feels that she belongs.  We are quite in awe of the change in our daughter.  She loves, we all love, what can only be described as that special Krembo atmosphere.
When our daughter was diagnosed, we approached all sorts of professionals and experts to work with her.  Nothing worked until she joined Krembo Wings. Krembo Wings’ youth have achieved what all the experts could not.
Ahinoam doesn´t speak and she doesn´t have many ways to communicate. She used to be very passive and sleep most of the day. But when she came to Krembo Wings, for the first time, she was so happy, she flourished, she was so awake. Usually Ahinoam doesn´t like music, so we don´t listen to music at home. But at Krembo Wings she stays awake when there are concerts or parties, like Purim for example. She loves it.
I don´t understand how this happens, I can´t explain it. There is such a great atmosphere at the branch and the youth come with such positive energy, spirit, and love.
Many kids like Ahinoam don´t get out of the house, but for Krembo Wings they do, and in Ahinoam´s case, she waits for it the entire week!
Until Krembo Wings we couldn´t find the right youth movement for Ahinoam. We tried, but her disabilities were too severe - they didn´t know how to include her. At Krembo Wings it´s different, here everybody can take part and be loved – and Ahinoam feels that."  
- Oriel, father of Krembo Wings´ member Ahinoam, and one of the founders of the Netanya branch
Shahar has been a member of Krembo Wings´ Netanya branch for two years. Just a week before her Bat Mitzvah, her life turned up-side down when she was hit by a drunk driver. Five years later she joined Krembo Wings, and at the age of 17, she was finally able to celebrate her Bat Mitzvah together with her family and new friends.
Upon asking Shahar what she liked best about her time at Krembo Wings, she wrote on her communication board, "My friends the counselors, because they are beautiful and nice." Later she continued, "Without the cheers and songs it wouldn´t be the same, it wouldn´t be as good."
Noa, one of Shahar´s counselors, started attending Krembo Wings only two months ago and says she already feels at home. She adds: "I believe that Krembo Wings just shows what the next generation is like. We´re learning to love one another – no matter what our differences may be." 
Shahar, 20, member of the Netanya branch
“I love working with children and there is no greater challenge than here. I genuinely believe we can make a difference in these children’s lives.
I have always wanted to work with youth and here it is tenfold more challenging and rewarding. It touches you in all areas of your life. I arrive home after the weekly activity both exhausted and exhilarated. It is almost indescribable, but when I see the progress of the youngsters, the enthusiasm and involvement of the counsellors, I know that I am doing something worthwhile which will stay with me forever.”
  Sapir Ben Dayan, Adult Coordinator at the Netanya Branch
"Hi, my name is Ziv Zabari. I love horseback riding, reading and writing. I´m a representative of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, I participate in a social project for children with special needs, I am a young  counselor at the Ministry of Education, and I a member of the youth movement Krembo Wings. 
I was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes eight years ago, I have celiac disease and I was born with a hearing impairment. From a very young age my parents made sure I was treated as a regular kid, no matter what. I was always given the opportunity to conduct my life without feeling restricted, in a way that perhaps is just a little different from others.
Coping isn´t easy, it is dependent on a lot of willpower, optimism, and moments of crisis that you learn to overcome.
Two years ago, when I was in 10th grade, I fulfilled my dream and joined Krembo Wings. From the first moment that I entered the branch I knew I´d stay as long as I could. 
At Krembo Wings, I was Shayli´s counselor, a sweet 8 year old girl with a developmental delay, who uses a wheelchair. Shayli didn´t talk, but when we met for the first time – and even though we didn´t speak, I felt that it was love at first sight. I learned to communicate with her and to get to know her better, until she became my best friend also outside of the youth movement activities. We had dinners together and had picnics in the park.
Shayli and I learned to live our lives disconnected from hatred, disconnected from prejudice and racism, and entered a place where people love each other and accept each other – no matter where they came from. 
At Krembo Wings I feel and know that we have power in our hands to paint the world with prettier colors. To make a difference, to create a change and make the world a better place. To realize the vision "together creating a meaningful place for everyone".
At Krembo Wings, I have grown, developed, matured, learned and rediscovered myself. I realized that I want to fight every day of my life, in order to continue to see the world with optimism. This has been the most amazing year of my life. A year full of satisfaction, love and fulfillment.
This year I am the branch manager. When someone asks me how I manage, I sincerely answer the simplest answer. During each activity, I think about the meaning of the word "to live". In order to truly live, you need to appreciate the little things. To do a test, to get a shot, to walk on your own, to smile in the morning. Most people take these things for granted, but for me they are the beginning of a long path. There are infinite escape routes, but if you fight and don´t stop to aspire, if you succeed in the things that make up life and the everyday existence between one test and another – that is the biggest achievement, and victory of the spirit of mankind."
– Ziv Tsabari, Branch Manager at the Kiryat Shmona branch
"My name is Hagar Porat, I´ve been at Krembo Wings for two years already and for two years I get excited every Monday (the day of our branch activities). This year I´m Ofek´s counselor. 
Everybody tells me that Ofek and I are very similar; he gets very excited every time he sees me. But to tell you the truth, it´s the opposite; I am the one who is happy to see him every Monday. I am the one who is excited every Monday to meet all my friends who are so important to me and to turn me into the energetic and enthusiastic person that I am. I
don´t think they understand how much love they instill in me every week. 
About a month ago, Ofek, his other counselor Noya, and I were playing ball. Until then, Ofek never managed to catch or throw a ball and yet we continued trying. But that time, Ofek caught and threw the ball for the first time!
We have a saying at Krembo: "small successes" - these are the successes that matter. During that activity something grew in me – just like during every activity - something is growing. Something, an emotion that is greater than me, and greater than all of us, an emotion called love."
– Hagar, counselor at the Kiryat Shmona branch
"This year, all three of our children are members of Krembo Wings´ Kiryat Shmona branch – and we couldn´t be happier about it!
The first one who joined Krembo Wings was Itai, our first son, who is 17 and has autism. We waited for two years until there was an opening for him at the branch, and until there were enough counselors. From the moment he joined three years ago, he hasn´t missed one single session.
This year Itai has two great counselors, Noa and Ella – there are no words to describe how great they are. Itai loves them.
Since Itai joined the branch I have been hoping that Omer and Jonathan will join Krembo Wings too. We spoke about it a few times at home, but it didn´t happen. And this year they finally decided to join as well. Itai made Krembo, this great thing, happen for them.
Omer is in 9th grade and despite his workload in school and other social activities, he has decided to join and become a counselor. I see the way he´s growing. The strength, the softness. The leader he´s becoming in his own calm way.
Jonathan is in 7th grade and has joined the young counselors program. He´s learning about the movement´s values, is exposed to new kids with and without disabilities, and is shaping and building his personality. I have no doubt that he´ll be an amazing counselor next year.
And I´ll tell you a secret… In the first time in 17 years, I have found a moment of peace and quiet to go to a café in the afternoon knowing that all three of my kids are safe and having fun; and I have found the time 
to write this letter.
I´m grateful for the place each of our children has at Krembo Wings. I´m grateful for the counselors, for the branch leaders, who accompany the kids and help them whenever they need it. 
In my opinion, Krembo Wings is a youth movement that should exist all over the world."
– Rutke and Hagai Shapira, parents of Itai, Omer and Jonathon, members at the Kiryat Shmona branch
"We would like to express our deep appreciation and gratitude to two wonderful girls, Shahar and Nofar. We are thankful for their support, guidance and amazing cooperation with our son Yoav. Yoav is a ten year old boy who was diagnosed on the Autistic spectrum and has several other problems. He undergoes many treatments and checkups. 
Krembo Wings provides him with a warm and loving place. He comes home every time very happy and with a smile, and that is thanks to Nofar and Shahar who accept him and play with him, and communic
ate with him as an equal. Even though he had difficulty adapting at the beginning, they didn´t give up and dealt with all the problems. It is clear that everything they do comes from the heart, and they have a great desire to succeed. 
Today Yoav is in his third year at Krembo Wings - ever since the Kfar-Saba branch opened, and he has a wonderful time with them. Every picture the girls send me in which Yoav has a smile on his face, tells me without words that he is happy. 
Thank you, and we wish to meet many more good people on Yoav´s and our path."
- Hagit and Nicky Elwas, parents of Yoav, member at the Kfar Saba branch 
"Almost everyone is obsessed with their desire to leave a mark on the world, to endow a legacy, to outlive death. We all want to be remembered. I do too. I want to leave a mark. The mark I want to leave on the world is a smile - the smile of a child, of a teenager, of a grownup. I see this smile that fills up my heart every Sunday, every activity over and over again. My heart swells and I think I can´t contain anymore, and then I come the next week for another activity – and I discover that my heart can contain everything, and it truly does. My heart is now full of seventeen weeks’ worth of happiness, love, endless smiles, and of course like everywhere else also some anger and sadness – but still everyone makes sure that all the members with disabilities go home happy."
– Dorel, counselor at the Hadera branch
"Children with disabilities feel invisible and even worse, weird. That definitely doesn’t contribute to our self-confidence. There are always people around me who connect my appearance to a lack of ability. 
This year, for the first time in my life, I feel like I belong! I feel like I can be myself. Once a week I put on my uniform and go to Krembo Wings.  Nobody judges me. Nobody gives me special treatment and nobody thinks that my walker limits my abilities! One thing Krembo Wings has taught me is that I too deserve things! I deserve friends, love and laughter and meaning and dreams." 
– Paz, counselor at the Kiryat Ono branch
"At School you learn many things that may or may not help you in your life. At Krembo Wings´ seminars and training days I get tools that help me deal with my life right now, as a teenager. Every day I learn so much from Krembo Wings´ training, branch activities and from my amazing special partner. What I learn here is the ‘real thing’ that will stay with me for the rest of my life."
– Tom, counselor at the Kiryat Shmona branch
"I was born in Argentina and moved to Israel with my family when I was 3 years  old. As an immigrant I always felt different - the cultural differences, the  accent… I wanted so much to belong. 
When I was fourteen I was sent to a boarding school. I was a wild kid who  couldn’t find my place anywhere. Everybody in the new school went to the local  Krembo Wings branch and I went with them, not knowing exactly what it was.    After 2 weeks I knew in my heart that I had finally found my calling.
Children and youth from all backgrounds were active together – religious and secular, Jewish and Arab, with disabilities and without - all were friends having a great time, doing great community work. I was not judged. I was loved and accepted for who I am!
Since joining Krembo Wings, I have changed and have become a better person. I have become a counselor and a leader of my branch and have recently joined a pre-army service program and I can see a bright future for myself. That is truly a great fee
– Julian, counselor at the Hod Hasharon branch
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