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Our heartfelt appreciation and thanks to Dr. Bronner´s for their generous donation to Krembo Wings! Click here for our thank you to Dr. Bronners..

Mission and Vision
Our Mission
Our mission is to provide integrative, inclusive, and accessible social activities for children with disabilities – children who otherwise would not have such an opportunity. 
Our Vision
Striving to fulfill the basic human need to love and be loved, to have friends, and to have a rightful place in one’s community, Krembo Wings’ vision is to enable every child living with any type of motor, cognitive, or sensory disability to take part in enjoyable social interactions between one another and their able-bodied peers, as well as to become part of community life in Israel. 
Our Promise
Krembo Wings’ motto is Together, Creating a Meaningful Place for Everyone – our organization was founded on the belief that all children, regardless of their background or abilities, deserve a social life, enriching activities to develop their social skills, and the opportunity to make friends. This means not only for children with disabilities, but also for able-bodied youth of every cultural, religious, or socioeconomic background. 
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