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Our heartfelt appreciation and thanks to Dr. Bronner´s for their generous donation to Krembo Wings! Click here for our thank you to Dr. Bronners..

Our Vision and Values

Krembo Wings is a youth movement dedicated to bringing together children and youth with and without disabilities and offering joint social activities to both. We believe that creating a basis for such joint encounters will create an opportunity for social contacts and for transforming views and attitudes towards people with disabilities, both among their peers and in Israeli society in general.
Our vision is to create a place and meaning for everyone
Our Commitment
Each one of us and all together are leaders, committed to ensuring an experience of belonging that empowers every individual and every group – everywhere.
Our Promise
Working constantly to develop communities and create human environments based on trust and faith in every person by every person.
Our Task
Continue to build up the youth movement in Israel, expand it and make it even more professional – because every special child deserves Krembo Wings. 
Expand to an international movement for children with disabilities that would provide a comprehensive solution for each individual and for society in general. 
Provide infrastructure and guidelines for action to ensure equal opportunities and meaning for every person with disabilities. 
Blaze the trail and determine the social agenda on acceptance of diversity and inclusion. 
Our Mission
Social integration of children and youth with disabilities together with non-disabled teenagers by sharing experiential socio-educational activities.
Our Values
The movement’s values have been adjusted to our target audience of counselors and members with disabilities, so that they are better understood and also in order to ensure connectedness and commitment. 
I love – Love Thy
Love founded on understanding and acceptance Every condition is accepted with love, no matter how severe. See the positive side and act out of joy. Love they neighbor

I am a Friend –
Mutual Care
Care for one another, and accept the fact that neither of us is perfect. Respect everyone’s abilities. Help, support, receive and mediate
Be mutually caring.
 I Lead – Commitment and Responsibility 
Each one of us leads and promotes social doing. Each one of us can lead to change.
All together, we lead social change, commitment and responsibility - joint leadership.

I’m an
Krembo Wings was established in Israel.
Inspired by the Israeli value of partnership and helping thy neighbor. Krembo Wings includes youth of all social sectors and classes. Krembo Wings leads Israeli society to transforming its views and attitudes about disability and about being an Israeli.

I Belong – Belonging, Acceptance, Reciprocity
Everyone realizes his and her potential, and contributes by doing. It’s our job to help and enable everyone to realize their potential. To be an accessible society. To know how to help and be helped, to belong. To accept and reciprocate. 
I Can – Ability and Independence
My belief in myself. In my ability to make a difference. In my desire to choose and be independent. Our understanding as a society that “competence” can be manifested in steps small as well as big. We all can.

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