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Our Educational Concept

Krembo Wings is a youth movement that promotes the inclusion of children and youth with disabilities. Our weekly social activities, in our branches across Israel, bring young people, with and without disabilities, together for meaningful social activities that promote the inclusion of individuals with disabilities in community life. 
We believe that providing a meeting place for teenagers with and without disabilities leads to mutual understanding, enables social relationships and leads to changed perceptions and attitudes towards individuals with disabilities, both by teenagers of the same age and by the Israeli public in general.  
During our weekly afternoon activities, our members meet and build friendships. They discover one another’s strengths and difficulties and learn how to conduct our branch activities in such a way that every member can actively take part in it, no matter his/her disability.
We believe in treating every Krembo Wings member as equal, and we avoid any prejudiced conclusions based on one’s visible disability. First we treat every member according to his or her age, and then we adapt the discourse and communication to their needs and abilities. This approach encourages and emphasizes human dignity for all, including those with physical or cognitive disabilities.
We believe that every person deserves equal opportunities, and consequently, that we as a society are responsible for enabling everyone to exercise their rights to be independent, to dare and to dream. 
The Elements of Our Educational Concept 
Our educational concept is based on three basic elements: independence, ability, and leadership.
Whoever is seen by society as weak is strong for us. A small step is a big step that must be appreciated as it leads to future progress.
When teenagers learn these concepts, their perceptions and attitudes regarding people with disabilities change. This enables them to accept and respect every person as a person, rather than according to common social prejudices. Furthermore, it is our mission to make this change felt not only in Krembo Wings’ branches, but also in teenagers’ perceptions and attitudes towards every person, in every social context.
Our unique educational concept has led to the creation of a unique language, which expresses our key values, which we call the Krembo spirit.
Adopting the terms independence, ability and leadership in their broader sense, and focusing on the positive approach, also empowers our counselors. As adolescents growing up in a competitive society that breeds insecurity, our educational approach offers liberation, and a sense of confidence, leading them to dare to experience and lead others. Our teenagers are inspired and supported to realize their potential, emotionally available for learning, and lead our branches of dozens of children and youth.
Most importantly, at Krembo Wings we all feel equal and appreciated and accept each other as we are – because each of us is special and unique.
The Origins of Our Educational Concept 
The educational concept that guides the movement was formulated by one of our founders, Claudia Koby.
The most significant source of inspiration for Claudia was her eldest son, Kfir, whom she calls “my most important teacher and leader”. Kfir, who sadly did not reach adulthood, had complex disabilities and was unable to talk or walk. However he communicated with his environment and was determined to be part of family and social life, to belong and take part in everything that went on around him. His parents realized that it was their mission, obligation and privilege to make all the required adjustments to enable him to do so.
This led to the insight that the “special” child is the sum of all his desires, abilities, loves, the environment he grows up in and the abilities on his path – and must not be seen exclusively through the narrow aspect of his disability, however severe.
It is this “I can-do” attitude which inspired Kfir’s parents, and which they shared with Kfir, enriching and empowering him. This value is integral to the movement’s educational and professional concepts, its vision and activities.


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