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Our heartfelt appreciation and thanks to Dr. Bronner´s for their generous donation to Krembo Wings! Click here for our thank you to Dr. Bronners..

Executive Staff  
Talia Bejerano, CEO
Talia holds a BA in political science and international relations from Hebrew University in Jerusalem. She has an MSc in management and organizational behavior. For more than seven years Talia was responsible for developing  our intensive counselor training program and processes and procedures in the field, playing a vital role in the growth of Krembo Wings. Talia is now ultimately responsible for the operations of Krembo Wings and works in close cooperation with our board of directors to direct the youth movement.; +972-54-3140045 
Merav Boaz ("Boozy"), Senior Vice President
Boozy holds a BA in Middle Eastern Studies and Arabic from Tel Aviv University and has studied group guidance and mediation. She served in the Israeli Air Force for fifteen years and left the army with the rank of major. She worked as the Resource Development Director and assistant to the CEO at ALUT – the Israeli Association of Autistic Children, and worked as the Resource Development Director for Ezra Lemarpeh – headed by Rabbi Firrer. 
Boozy is responsible for all fundraising activities and external relations of Krembo Wings.; +972- 52-4237526
Jenny Peker, Director of Finance
Jenny holds a BA in business management, specializing in accounting. She is a registered Chartered Public Accountant and has worked as an accountant in the auditing department of a large accounting firm. She also has a diploma in bookkeeping.; +972-54-6397669
Stav Weitz, National Activities Manager
Stav has a B.A in Education and Israel Studies from Ben-Gurion University in Beer-Sheva. Before joining Krembo Wings, she worked as the Southern Regional Manager at the Ayalim Association and as the director of the Ashalim Student and Entrepreneur Village. She has been National Activities Manager at Krembo Wings since 2015., +972-54-254-2692
Hadass Stanger, Director of Guidance and Training
Hadass is an Alumni of the Upper-Galilee Pre-Army Leadership Program in Maayan Baruch (an army-prep program that promotes volunteerism, leadership, and community involvement) where she first encountered Krembo Wings, and worked as the training coordinator of the Maayan Baruch branch (which was subsequently absorbed by the Kiryat Shmona branch). In the IDF, she served in the Education and Youth Corps, in several training and commanding positions with soldiers at risk and soldiers with mental illness - and was highly commended for her work.
After she completed her army service, she returned to Krembo Wings and worked in a variety of positions. Since 2015, she has worked as the Director of Guidance and Training. She represented Krembo Wings at a conference in the UN, together with chairman of the board Nir Brunstein and the member of the movement May Ofir. Since 2015 she has been studying towards a B.A at Oranim college, in the faculty for Education and Leadership.; +972-54-217-5735
Nurit Ben Asher-Golan, Director of Inclusion Department
She served in the IDF as an Officer in the Education and Youth Corps (and was discharged as a first lieutenant). She hold a BA in Special Education and Psychology from the Tel-Chai Academic College, and a Teaching Certificate in Special Education from the Tel-Aviv University. She has been the manager of the Inclusion Department since 2015.; +972-50-400-9412 
David Kaoffman, National Operations Manager
David served as a commander in the IDF in several positions. Before joining Krembo Wings he worked at Mars company in several managerial, acquisitions and logistics positions. He has been National Operations Manager at Krembo Wings since August 2017.; +972-52-7977850
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