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Our heartfelt appreciation and thanks to Dr. Bronner´s for their generous donation to Krembo Wings! Click here for our thank you to Dr. Bronners..

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At Krembo Wings I can really be myself. I feel that everyone sees me – Uri – without the wheelchair, without the disability, without the label "disabilities". Over the past three years in which I have been a member at Krembo Wings my life has changed completely. From a very lonely child who was ashamed of being different, I became someone with many friends who is not ashamed of my differences. Today I know that I too have wings and I can fly.   
– Uri, a member at the Be’er-Sheva branch 
Krembo Wings operates tens of branches across Israel. From Kiryat Shmona in the north, to Be´er Sheva in the south, our branches provide activities to children and youth of all backgrounds and all abilities.
Every Krembo Wings branch employs the same model: weekly activity sessions lasting for three hours, open to any child with any disability, designed to give participants a chance to have fun, make friends, and grow in confidence.
Weekly branch activities include group games, arts and crafts, music, and much more. Krembo Wings sessions allow members to expand their social skills and develop self-confidence. Activities are varied and adapted to appropriate age-ranges and abilities, and importance is placed on allowing members to make their own decisions during group games, which affords them some autonomy and independence from their families and caregivers - something that they rarely experience, and that most people take for granted.  Two able-bodied youth counselors accompany each member with disabilities each week. The youth counselors take part in our comprehensive training sessions throughout the year, ensuring that they are properly prepared to work with youth with disabilities.
We provide specially-adapted transportation to and from the branch for each member with disabilities so that no child is denied the chance to take part simply because he/she cannot reach the activities.  A qualified professional nursing care worker is also always present on site. 
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